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Are you worried

about your "transition?"

If not, you should be!

  • Uncertain future?
  • Confusion?
  • Anxiety?

Does this sound like you?

Wealth Evaporated?

Did your retirement savings crash? How about 6.5% of your Pension Pay being deducted without your consent? Life insurance woes? Trouble finding work or working multiple jobs? It's a new economy, and we'll diagnosis the problem(s) and help.

Poor Health?

Is big medicine keeping your ill? Big pharma pumping you full of toxic chemicals? Waking up tired and not leaping out of bed? How about the Veterans Affairs compensation rating process sticking it to you? It's all related...we'll help you overcome any of it.

Missing Community?

Seeking a higher purpose after your community left you behind? Looking for a reason to leap out of bed each morning? Unhappy with your day when you lay down at night? We've built a place full of people who are changing their worlds...come on in!

Jane was having the same problems, until now...

"I always thought having a coach was just a waist of money but after a friend recommended it for me I gave it a shot and WOW even just the discovery call gave me actionable advice that helped me see immediate results!"

• Jane Smith | Brooklyn

About Your Guide

Jarrod brings 2 decades of operational support to the U.S. Navy submarine force, naval aviation, and various other assignment around the globe to this thing many call "military transition." The thing about it is, though, the military doesn't transition...people do.

It's critically important for the Armed Forces Family to begin preparing for that last day on Active Duty from the earliest days in service, or NOW.

What you're not doing now, and very likely unaware of, will hurt you later. I guarantee it.

I also guarantee I'll help you avoid the transition ambush and ensure you get your Liberty back when Uncle Sam decides he's done with you.

Because Lady Liberty, she'll thank you for your service and then get back to her own problems...We The People can't...and won't...help you.

I will.

To Your Liberty,


If you're anxious about any of these things...

(314) 916-9399